Luxury Goods Packaging and Processing Machinery Trade Show

The PPMA Total Show, 1-3 October 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham. 

Discover and source innovative packaging and production technology for the Luxury Goods sector.  

The Processing and Packaging Machinery Trade Show is taking place from 1-3 October at the NEC Birmingham. The show is going to be bigger and better than ever.

Luxury labels are starting to embrace new technologies to improve production speeds and packaging.  To succeed, and with high quality and perfection still in the ascendant, high-end items such as clothing, accessories and consumer goods’ production must innovate, not stagnate.

Prestige products require an equally prestige event, so if you are ready to embrace new ideas to help grow your luxury goods business, the PPMA Show is the one and only trade exhibition in your events calendar that you must not miss.  

With meaningful, live demonstrations of the latest technology you’ll be able to explore fresh new concepts - without compromising on style and quality.

What’s Happening at the PPMA total Show, 2019

This year’s agenda reflects the feedback from recent exhibition visitors and is ideal for professionals within the Luxury sector.  Here’s why:

  • If you’re planning to review and potentially purchase machinery or packaging equipment, there will be live demonstrations of the new technology in action throughout the show.  This is an invaluable part of the PPMA Show, offering you the chance to see a potential return on your investment in terms of enhanced production.
  • With an industry as bespoke as the Luxury sector, developing new contacts is part of your success matrix.  Therefore, with even better opportunities to network than before, this year’s PPMA Show will offer you the chance to interact with potential new customers, contacts and associates.  Look out for the dedicated networking areas around the show. Super busy? You won’t miss out: we’ll make sure that you can meet as many people as you need to.

Who should attend?

  • Decision-makers within the Luxury Goods sector keen to explore new speed-enhancing packaging and processing techniques
  • Key influencers seeking to stay ahead of trends, rather than just follow them
  • Luxury sector executives ready to learn, explore and develop their knowledge as part of a  professional development programme

Luxury Sector Production and Processing.  Enhance and Improve without Compromise

At this year’s PPMA Show you’ll discover best-in-class technology to deliver a first-class customer experience:

  • See how the Luxury sector can simultaneously make gains from technology whilst keeping standards and quality high  
  • Review new developments in prestige production methods to deliver a high level of sophistication and personalisation
  • Identify the key production factors driving the Luxury sector  
  • Find innovative ways to ensure authentication and security

Luxury Goods Packaging. Find the Tools to Enable Your Success   

  • Explore and purchase new premium packaging solutions.  Let your customers know who you are with the latest labelling and wrapping technology
  • Discover how automation is no longer at odds with Luxury sector packaging.  Find out how it can help your business to develop

Eager to stay ahead of the trends and meet the experts? Attend the PPMA Total Show 2019